About Soccer Stars Game

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Soccer Stars Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide

Soccer Stars available on iOS is a game which depends on you playing against others to gain coins. It's a turn based game that is reminiscent to Air Hockey. If you're acquainted with MiniClip games specifically the 8ball pool game, then the shooting mechanics won't take long to have to grips with. Continue reading for Soccer Stars Cheats: Tips and Strategy guide to be able to assist you play the opponent of yours.

1. It is all about the angles

The game demands you hit the ball inside the goal, therefore the perspective of the player of yours and also the ball needs to be considered. Perhaps even from the distance you are able to rather easily mark, as pointed out the game is akin to Air Hockey in which you are able to utilize the wall space to bounce the ball off, so even in case you can't rating in a straight line in case you understand the angles of yours there'll be an opportunity to hit it off the wall or maybe opposition player. You are able to work with the process offline alternative on the top right corner of the display to be able to enable you to become used to the games shooting mechanics.

2. Formation

You are going to have 4 formations to select from, the 1-2-1 is the very best development to use. Even though this looks a lot more like a 1-1-2-1 as you've 5 players at the disposal of yours. This's the default formation which is set up when you begin the game.

3. Defend and be patient

It's ideal to hold 3 players at the back, when saying together with the 1-2-1 formation it's better to utilize a single player almost as you are able to. It's often not feasible to, however as a general rule it's best to buy in the pattern of utilizing a single professional to try to mark and then leave 3 at the back to deal with the net of yours.

4. Use the opponent to assist you

Make an effort to adjust the opponent by crashing into them as well as going their players around. An excellent strategy is leaving 3 at the back, use a single player to shoot with then make use of another player making room. You are able to utilize a single professional as a battering ram and also in order to knock the opposition defenders dealt with while making an excellent angle for a photo.